A broad understanding of MODA DAO

Welcome to MODA DAO!

MODA DAO is a Web3 music community and technology network dedicated to the fair, sustainable and artist-centric progression of Web3 in music. Through standard creation, tools, grants and community our members are pushing things forward.

A technology and human network dedicated to creating a highly functional framework for the next iteration of the music industry via Web3. We call it 'Music3' and you're invited to help. MODA can see a paradigm shift coming to the music industry, one that will use Web3 technologies to improve legacy systems.

We believe that value in the music industry supply chain should flow to those who most deserve it; the creators, their loyal teams and the passionate superfans who follow them. MODA will bring that belief to life!

Note: MODA DAO is in a constant development phase and aims to evolve with the market and its audience. With that in mind, please be aware that the information in this gitbook may change over time.

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