Future of MODA's Governance

The future is bright

We've currently only tested two types of proposals via one type of governance mechanism. Governance will look to expand in multiple ways including;

  • The use of more intricate voting mechanics for complex problem solving (quadratic voting, ranked voting, etc)

  • The widening of the governance surface to allow for more community inclusion

  • The enabling of community members to create their own proposals and propose them to the DAO

  • Applying governance to the operational sides of more MODA products as they're released into the Web3 ecosystem

Further, we're constantly researching into different areas to understand incentivised participation from community members around governance. We ultimately want to find a sustainable way to reward the MODA community for voting; this could be with NFTs, bounties, tokens or several other avenues.

DAOs and decentralised governance are still relatively new concepts, we've barely crossed the half decade threshold! MODA will continue to experiment and evolve over time, iterate on new ideas and strive to become a leading governance organisation.

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