The Music3 toolset

Innovative and interoperable Web3 Music Technology Solutions

MODA DAO offers a suite of innovative solutions for music enthusiasts and industry professionals alike.
Whether you're a music lover looking to discover new songs, or a music industry professional seeking the latest tools to help drive your business forward, MODA has tools to help.
A quick brief on the different products that make up MODA's product suite:
  • Audio Fingerprint: The cornerstone of MODA's product suite. The Audio Fingerprint is a proprietary technology that allows MODA to identify and track songs with an unparalleled level of accuracy. This technology is used in conjunction with on-chain artist releases to help improve IP protection.
  • Music3 Services: MODA's Web3 Music consulting arm. Music3 Services provide those looking to explore Web3 Music with professional advice based on decades of collective music industry experience. Whether you're an artist just starting out of a seasoned veteran in the traditional space, MODA DAO can help, just jump into discord to get started.
  • V3RSE: Our metaverse superclub based in Decentraland. With V3RSE, community members can explore new music in a whole new way by attending community/partner hosted events. Artists who hold $MODA tokens can submit sets for play with V3RSE and gain exposure to a Web3 savvy and NFT hungry audience!
MODA's product suite is designed to meet the needs of music enthusiasts, industry professionals and community members. Whether you're looking for a way to discover new music, or you're looking for tools to help drive your music business forward, MODA has you covered.