Our Mission

Using Web3 technology to improve the music industry for artists and fans.
We are a multi-functional industry body that exists to actively drive innovation and adoption of Web3 technology for musicians, music fans and industry participants who wish to see a better future for music via Web3 technologies.
MODA accelerates mainstream adoption of Web3 technology as a means to enable musicians and their audiences, as well as other industry participants to engage in the music economy directly. To support this, MODA will increase its collaborations with various other chains, initiatives, projects and companies that share a similar worldview.
We want artists to have a more direct relationship with fans and more control of their music rights with less gatekeepers in the industry. We see a future where the value of music as an artform has been rediscovered via digital collectibility.
We value diversity and open thinking, sustainable growth over speculation, and innovation to challenge the status-quo. MODA aims to break-down barriers to entry for artists into the blockchain world.
deadmau5 at the MODA launch party at NFT.NYC
Many blockchain music projects today exist in something of a silo, small islands of innovation, testing the waters of what might be possible in future. But the future of music does not look like a series of disconnected NFT marketplaces, stand-alone NFT projects and a choice of streaming platforms disconnected from the rest of the industry. Rather, Music3 will be an interconnected system with bridges between products and with the legacy systems themselves.
In the way that DeFi has offered up interconnected 'money legos', a new Music industry ecosystem in Web3 also needs to be interconnected.
MODA and the MODA DAO partners aim to develop Web3 music ownership, pre-release sales and promotion, distribution and streaming all within an open, distributed, smart-contract-based platform.