Join MODA in the metaverse!

Introducing V3RSE: The Future of Music and Virtual Concerts

V3RSE is a virtual super club, located in Decentraland, that aims to revolutionise the way we experience music and virtual concerts. As the first virtual super club in Decentraland, V3RSE is setting a new standard for music and metaverse events.

For artists, V3RSE provides a platform to showcase their music and host virtual concerts for fans/community members.

For music enthusiasts and community members, V3RSE provides a chance to experience music and virtual concerts in a way that is truly immersive and unparalleled.

With the build of V3RSE, MODA signifies it's belief that music and virtual reality are a perfect match - it's the future!

MODA has already hosted music legends from mau5trap records and put more than 60 acts on the schedule for the 2022 Metaverse Music Festival, including the only-and-only SASHA.

We're dedicated to providing a platform that truly embodies that idea.

Whether you're a music lover looking for a new way to experience your favourite artists, or you're an artist looking to connect with your fans in a whole new way, V3RSE is simply the best destination in Decentraland for immersive electronic music experience.

So why wait? Join us at V3RSE, and experience music and virtual concerts like never before! With its cutting-edge technology, immersive virtual environment, and dedicated community, V3RSE is the future of music and metaverse events.

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