Governance Surface

Community led governance directing large scale organisations is a relatively new concept and one that a lot of DAOs find themselves attempting to get right. With this in mind, it becomes pertinent to begin defining the "Governance Surface";
  • What are community members allowed to vote on?
  • What proposals are community members allowed to create?
MODA's governance surface can be thought of as flexible enough for members to express creativity while still maintaining chaos avoiding rigidity.

What are community members allowed to vote on?

In short, community members can currently vote on any and all proposals submitted to MODA's snapshot dashboard. To date, we've had two different types of proposals voted on; artist grants and token buybacks (more on this in the following section).
Members can start a discussion is discourse with a view to turn ideas into onchain proposals.
As MODA and it's community continue to evolve, we expect token holders will be able to vote on more complex topics including (but not limited to):
  • Product ideas
  • NFT releases
  • Tokenomics (i.e. Token Buybacks)
  • Platforms for community interaction
As we grow, continued experimentation with data driven iteration will aim to ensure the stability and long term viability of MODA's governance.