Staking and Rewards

As shown in the tokenomics overview, initial staking pools will support over a 5-year period. It is expected (but not guaranteed) that network revenue will support continued replenishment of this pool in the longterm.

This is to ensure a few things;

  • Rewards are sustainable over a long period of time

  • Longterm supporters are rewarded for participating in the MODA ecosystem during volatile market conditions

  • As the DAO treasury earns more revenue over the long-term, we have the opportunity to buy $MODA off the market and add it back into the rewards pool

Further, our staking formula takes all rewards pools into account (staking/LP) and can distribute rewards evenly amongst participators. You can see this below;

Please note: Staking and Liquidity Providing carry inherent risk. All APY's displayed via our staking portal are estimates and may not be actual. MODA DAO tokens are for the purpose of membership and governance and do not guarantee a return, both to $MODA token buyers and stakers/liquidity providers.

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