Getting Started

Some actionable ways you can integrate with the MODA ecosystem/community
To be involved in the MODA ecosystem, you can follow these steps;
  1. 1.
    Visit our social platforms and get involved with the community (Twitter and Discord are the most popular)
  2. 2.
    Read up on MODA! You can do this by continuing through this Gitbook, visiting our Medium or jumping onto the MODA website
  3. 3.
    Visit V3RSE in Decentraland and party with us
  4. 4.
    Mint music NFTs for a gas fee at our minting site and join the Music3 revolution!
  5. 5.
    Once you underdtand the project, grab some $MODA tokens or apply for a grant to get started
To formally be apart of the DAO and participate in governance proposals/staking, you'll need to purchase at least 100 MODA tokens. We recommend doing this via Sushiswap liquidity pools, but for bigger transactions, CowSwap will help prevent MEV bots and get you the best price possible.
Eth/MODA swap on CowSwap
Great! Once you've completed all of these setup steps, you're well on your to becoming a fully fledged DAO community member. A few things to keep in mind;
  • We currently host our voting proposals via snapshot and announce when they're happening in Discord and Twitter (primarily Discord!) To get involved, ensure you have enough MODA tokens to cast a vote and you're keeping an eye out for new proposals
  • Discover and listen to your music NFTs via one of our launch partners Emanate, with offline caching available!
  • MODA hosts artist parties and events in V3RSE all the time! We've been going strong with monthly events since launching in September and aim to continue doing so. We announce via all social channels when they're coming up!
  • You can chat with the MODA community managers/core team around the clock via Discord. If you need support or would just like to chat about the benefits of Web3, you're welcome to join!

We look forward to seeing you engaging with the DAO and the community - let's work together to make Music3 great!

Last modified 1yr ago