The Audio Fingerprint

MODA's audio fingerprinting tool allows artists to mint their music NFTs while protecting their IP.

MODA's audio fingerprint is a cutting-edge tool that helps artists protect their music ownership, intellectual property, and rights. It works by breaking down music into individual frequencies and plotting those frequencies as coordinates, creating rich metadata in the process. This metadata is then baked into a smart contract which cements an artists copyright within their NFT.

By using the audio fingerprint to store sonic information on-chain, artists can be confident that their music is protected and their ownership and rights are verifiable and transparent. This is especially important in today's music industry, where issues of ownership and copyright occur often, resulting in a complex and difficult to navigate industry.

Overall, MODA's audio fingerprint is an invaluable tool for artists looking to protect their work and ensure that they receive the credit and compensation they deserve.

It's the most secure way to protect and track music ownership and rights on the blockchain, and we're already seeing the start of music industry adoption via our leading artists.

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