Snapshot and Previous Proposals

Snapshot is the Web3 standard for voting on governance proposals. They have over 12k different communities signed on to participate in project governance! The core team felt Snapshot to be the best platform to build our proposal footprint on for the following reasons;

  • Snapshot is it's own decentralised platform, aligning on MODA's ethos

  • Transactions are low on gas, both for proposal submissions and community voting

  • Snapshot supports different types of voting mechanics that enable the tailoring of our proposals

To date, MODA has completed four proposals via snapshot including Artist Grant proposals and a MODA token buyback proposal.

We aimed to fund artists using snapshot by allowing the artists to create proposals and the community to either approve or disapprove via single choice voting on whether the artist would funded. Thanks to our incredible community, we've so far has a 100% approval rate.

The token buyback proposal was created and community approved as a way for MODA to use some of the DAO treasury and buy MODA tokens back off the open market when the price hits certain trigger points. The purpose of this is to increase the supply of MODA tokens in the MODA treasury (for future grants, liquidity providing, etc) while decreasing the supply of MODA tokens in the market (with the intention of potentially inflating the value).

You can participate in governance proposals as long as you're holding any MODA! Check out our Snapshot page and keep an eye out for future voting opportunities.

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