DAO Structure

Introducing the Organism Model
While the MODA legal entity does have a board of directors, the DAO entity itself is somewhat separate; this allows for freedom of movement over funds on-chain without real-world bureaucracy.
It also paves the way for eventual dissolution of the foundation in favour of fully autonomous on-chain governance.

The Organisation Side

Like any good DAO should be, MODA is composed of several working groups that are interconnected on their mission and purpose, aiming to build out a valuable ecosystem. MODA's working groups are;
  • Organiser
  • Marketing
  • Technical Development
  • Technical Research/Strategy
  • Business Development
  • Artist Development
  • Community Management
  • TVL (Tokenomics, Voting, Liquidity)
Per DAO Master Labs' insights, we've constructed a living, breathing organisation with constant contributions from core members, community members and advisors/supporters. This model has been dubbed the "Organism Model" and you can see why below;
With this organisation model in place, MODA benefits in the following ways;
  • Bottle necks are reduced immensely due to no centralised chain of command
  • Each working group is as important as the next, allowing for contributors to feel true work fulfilment
  • The model is flexible and allows those who can wear many hats to do so without compromising the wider ecosystem
  • The organiser working group is composed of multiple experienced individuals who must vote internally and have a majority win to make decisions. Although this process can be inefficient, it prevents having to rest all internal decisions on one person (i.e. a CEO)