Music Ecosystem Fund

Funding the future of Web3 music

A huge part of MODA's mandate and ethos is to fund upcoming artists in their pursuit for career success.

During 2022, we experimented with our first run of Artist Grants and found artists to be massively interested in working with MODA. As a result, we managed to fund over 10 artists with the majority going through a proposal and community vote process.

To date, MODA has given out over $25,000 USD in value to artists building in the Web3 space looking to take their careers to the next level.

As a result of the success of the Artist Grants experiment, we've now decided to formally build out and launch the Artist Grants Program in 2023!

Our aim will be to;

  • Continue funding artists who need a helping hand

  • Give artists access to MODA's technology in order to keep their IP protected on-chain

  • Give artists access to MODA's Metaverse clubs and experiences

  • Assist artists with building out concepts and bringing them into reality

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